Hello Get to know me

Dot O resides in Houston Texas born and raised. I Grew up in the Cypress suburbs. Though I began my life in  the Bear Creek area then moved to the 290 Barker Cypress area. Im gonna let you in on the chronological stages of my life. From elementary I started out at a school called Leider Elementary till 3rd grade then moved to Lamkin Elementary, then moved to Birkes Elementary ( first graduating class from there). After that I entered middle school at Spillane middle school, then to Aragon middle school. During my  Highschool years I held it down at Cypress Falls Highschool all 4 years, and  graduated in 2012. I Later attended Lonestar community college where I began working towards my   transfer to UTSA where I graduated with a degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Athletic Medicine. I could have went on continuing my education to higher levels. I do believe School is essential and a very important role in a societies view of being successful , but instead I am currently on a task of making the most of what life has to offer my true intuition by learning about myself, my history, and the potential we all have as human beings. 

My roots are embedded in the mother land of Nigeria, so im not your average American citizen and through my music you are able to see the views through my eyes

Dot O is simply an abbreviation for  my last name. Which is OGUNLEYE. A Nigerian name. which relates to a god worshiped in the country by the name of "Ogun" whom is the god of iron. For things such as weapons, and is also known to be the god of war. So I am forever protected as I go through the war of battling life and my dreams.

Perception is key!

in a not so simple explanation i believe that if we all were looked at from a soul level from outside the realms of earth we would look like a bunch of little dots so thus i am a Dot within the universe the O is a representation of the continued cycle of continuity of my creativity similar to an (Enso Circle). I am an expression of myself. 

Dot O



What got Dot O into music?

I wanna say that it was hearing tupac when I was young that got me into writing music ( i know typical right -_-). A very early memory I have is hearing "Dear mama" and feeling like "woah I feel like some of those things".  and I thought it was dope how he made a whole song for his mother actually telling a story.I'm a mamas boy who was always in trouble when I was young. Even though I wasn't doing the stuff Pac was I was able to  put myself in his shoes and somewhat relate. I remember being inspired by young stars such as Bow Wow and Romeo. I wasn't a fan or nothing  (my older sister was BIG TIME) I liked the fact that they were so young doing it. I always felt like It was possible for myself as well, but since  I knew my parents wouldn't approve of that sort of mindset  I always peeped from a distance and kept it to myself. but that whole late 1990 music and early 2000 era was the shit. the music game was oozing with various talent.  The seed was planted back then. and has been sprouting ever since.

Im trying to be the biggest tree known to man!